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Thursday, March 8, 2012

iPad Uses in Elementary Counseling

Hi All!  We've all been so busy lately, no one has posted anything for days!! I am putting the finishing touches on my Education Foundation grant application for an iPad and have been blogging with other counselors on ASCA Scene to get their take on how they implement their iPad in counseling. Here is a response I just got today. I so excited to start using it!

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Katrina Beddes posted the following response

Re: Apps related to elementary counseling for Ipad 2

I am so lucky to have an i-pad to use with my counseling at school.  First of all, I love it as a time saver because when I am waiting for a class who is running late, I can quickly catch up on e-mails or notes. 
It is great to use for kids simply because of the immediate buy-in.  Some of my favorite apps. . .

Noteshelf-  I now create with the students during counseling their own notes on Noteshelf.  This saves me from having to file as every student has an individual notepad and it can be locked so others don't have access to it.  It allows us to quickly review what we've been talking about in the beginning.  They can write on the i-pad in their notebook or draw what we've discussed.
 icounseloranger, icounseloranxiety, icounselordepression, icounselorocd are all helpful in helping the student do some cognitive restructuring and relaxation.  I think they were $.99 a piece.
There are many illusions apps that are free.  I use these to talk about perspective and being flexible.
Fun with Directions lite, this has the student listen and follow multi-step directions.  I use this as a fun activity with my adhd kids before we talk about listening skills.  I first have them do it without distractions.  Then they have to do it while the others are trying to distract them.  We talk about the difference in their abilities depending on their focus. 
Angry birds:  I use this before talking about anger.  I got a lesson using angry birds as a means of teaching kids about the ways their anger gets out of control from thehometeacher.blogspot.com
Behavior breakthroughs is one I just got but haven't explored yet.  It is for use with parents and I think could be used with teachers.  It creates simulations for them to practice skills to manage challenging behaviors.
Behavior Tracker Pro is awesome for tracking behavior in classrooms.  It is written for extreme spec. ed. students but I use it when doing observations for adhd or other behaviors.  It is pricey though.

spin the bottle can be used in lieu of dice when playing a game in your office.
Those are just a few that I have used.  I'm happy to have heard some of your suggestions to use this fun technology in counseling.

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Shanna Goff-Sulak said...

Penny's Pieces is a great app that teaches children coping strategies for managing their anger.