Our Philosophy

Elementary School Counseling services are an integral part of the total school program and complement learning in the classroom. A school guidance program reaches every student and will focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for successful academic achievement, career development, and personal/social growth. Services are child-centered, proactive, and developmental. Our professional school counselors spend their time working directly with students to maximize the benefits every student will receive from the program. This will be accomplished through the use of School Counseling Curriculum, Individual Student Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support. School counseling services are comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, developmental in nature, and intended to enhance the potential of ALL elementary students.

Therefore, as an educational system we believe we can teach all children and all children can learn. We believe accessing knowledge, reasoning, questioning, and problem solving are the foundations for learning in an ever-changing world. We believe education enables students to recognize and strive for higher standards. Consequently, we will commit our efforts to help students acquire knowledge and attitudes considered valuable in order to develop their potential and/or their career and lifetime aspirations.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Joy

If you're like me, you've been running around like crazy, trying to fit in all those great, sweet, fun holiday activities with your students and families alike. Food Drive, Angel Tree, Santa's Workshop... :0}  somethings gotta give! Unfortunately, it's also a time that our struggling families' everyday issues become magnified, and cannot be put on hold. I came across a book I wanted to share with you, maybe it can help keep things in perspective for us and our kids. Check out the blog the link is from...I aspire to be as consistent as this blogger is with her site! Blessings, everyone!